Under the Red Moon (WIP)

Under the Red Moon (WIP)

Our current project! Under the Red Moon will be a commercial fantasy otome game featuring three love interests with each their own route, and is set in the same world as Path of Dreamers (although no prior knowledge is required).

You can find the itch page here: https://circlepegasi.itch.io/under-the-red-moon


The moon above shines red each night, which Esta considers completely normal. Contrary to that, she finds herself anything but normal. To change her fate, she makes a deal with a secretive goddess.

This is a story about a magical little desert town with a permanent red moon.

Planned Features & fun facts

  • It is partly inspired by the characters of our first VN Firefly. However, as we improved over the years, we felt they deserved a better story to star in. Say hi to the new and improved Esta!
  • 3 male love interests, 3 routes
  • Combines the playfulness of an otome game with a serious fantasy story
  • Current estimated playtime is 10-12 hours in total, although this might change during development
  • Will contain multiple endings, including dead ends
  • Accounts for differences in playstyle. Do you want to drown yourself in cuddly fun with your chosen love interests? Go on optional dates. Are you more of a story buff? Go ahead and skip the fluff!


0-10% – Outline almost done.

Follow updates on twitter @ripandtir or view our Trello board to see the current tasks which are in progress: