Path of Dreamers

Path of Dreamers

Path of Dreamers is a fantasy visual novel released in October 2020. It’s a short linear story that takes about an hour to finish, and can be downloaded for free here:


Follow an informant who desperately tries to save the person he loves.

“Please, help me free my beloved.”

With those words, the young informant Keir pleads for the help of one of his skilled peers: a man named Lloyd. For without an effective escape plan, his loved one is certain to die.
Lloyd agrees, but even with his help, the flight from the castle will be anything but easy. The path to his future: can Keir reach that dream?


  • 100% Custom art, including characters with multiple poses
  • 2 CGs with variations
  • A custom textbox and other GUI elements
  • An unlockable alternative titlescreen


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