Oops, all releases!

Oops, all releases!

It’s really silly, but we haven’t updated our website much, even though we’ve released two new VNs already! I (Anna) mainly update on Twitter (@ripandtir & @CirclePegasi) but we’ll keep a better eye on this place too. It’s a nice spot for our dev-blogs after all.

So, onto the news, we’ve got two shiny releases to share here! Both projects are fantasy games with a pinch of romance thrown into them, of roughly one hour. It’s also the best price, free!

Path of Dreamers
A short linear visual novel. An informant trying to save the person he loves. Will he succeed?

For more information and the download link, check our itch page!

Our NaNoRenO 2021 entry! A troubled noblewoman meets an oddly helpful deity. Can he help her?

For more information and the download link, check our itch page!

What’s next?
Our next project is a full-length fantasy otome game, Under the Red Moon. It will feature three love interests, each with their own route, which are intertwined with a cool overarching story!

It was actually inspired by people who asked me to re-release Firefly — I’m sorry, I can’t, it’s too old to re-release. So I decided to make it something better, which is this. Thanks for inspiring us, you know who you are and you’ll get a free copy once we’re done with this one! It also contains some characters returning from Path of Dreamers 😀

If you’d like to learn more about this project, keep an eye on our WIP itch page or twitter for updates! https://circlepegasi.itch.io/under-the-red-moon

I hope you enjoyed this update! We’ll continue making visual novels and otome, it’s way too much fun.


One thought on “Oops, all releases!

  1. So cool! Two new VNs! I’ll definitely check them out. Too bad about firefly, but a new VN inspired by it sounds cool too. I’ll definitely look forward to that one.

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