Revival & Explanations

Revival & Explanations

Hello! Anna here, it’s been a while. 🙂

Some may have already read this on my twitter, we’re back in action! The past few months we all carefully started dev-work again, and so far it has been going well. While full-time employment means we can spend less time on it than before, we still believe in making it happen. So here’s a little update on what has been going on and what we’re working on.

What the heck happened

Since there’s no way to bring it lightly: I lost my mom two years ago and almost my dad as well right in the middle of the project we were doing in 2017 for NaNoRenO. Obviously, my productivity went down the drain, so we decided to let it be until the time came I was feeling up for it again.

I’m OK now and actually being productive again at a pace I’m comfortable with.

What now?

First of all, we’re going to focus on finishing the last project we worked on, the fantasy story Path of Dreamers. It’ll be a free visual novel with a small scope, meant to be a small taste of what’s to come: it’s a spin-off story of our mega-project Locus Magici (LoMa). The main character of that project will actually make an appearance in Path of Dreamers too, but otherwise it’ll be an entirely self-contained side-story.

Note that we’ll likely limit the scope on LoMa a lot, and introduce lots of changes (like the name), but we’ll go into more detail on those after the release of Path of Dreamers.

For now, here’s a quick peek of the synopsis of Path of Dreamers, since it’s been a while:

Path of Dreamers

“Please, help me free my beloved.”

With those words, the young spy Keir pleads for help to one of his more skilled peers.
For without an effective escape plan, his loved one is certain to die.
He accepts, but even together the flight from the castle will be anything but easy.
Can Keir reach his dream?

More will follow later!

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