A few updates

A few updates

Hi all~

Just a short update from me on several things before we do our post-mortem on BiSo (we haven’t had the time to write a post together yet).

I created one, so shameless plugging go: http://www.patreon.com/PegAnna
It’d be cool if you can donate ~anything~ since all the little bits help, but don’t feel pressured please <3.

Daily progress log
I tested a weekly update report on Tumblr before, but the daily update report I did during NaNoRenO worked better for me; was really fun and useful to do! So I’m continuing it and moving the nano-progress log here: http://xoxteehee.blogspot.nl/
The url reflects a deep and serious part of my soul.

Polish round LoMa
I want to do a final polish round after finishing all the art-assets for both music and sprites; the sprites especially are giving me nightmares because I see many, many mistakes (they are very old), and we want to upgrade the sound quality of our music once we get the resources to do so. So uh, if you see any horribleness in the sprites now… I’ll totally pimp them later~

I think that’s all for now, have a nice day! 😀


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