Android news: Days of the Divine released, Nanolife updated

Android news: Days of the Divine released, Nanolife updated

Since we love VNs on Android, we’ve recently added a few things.

The Nanolife version has been updated to run with full HD resolution (1920×1080), the PC-version’s font and some other cool things now. You can check the Google play page below for more information and the download.

Keep in mind you will need an Android 2.2+ device for this version. Those with 2.1 will not receive this update.


Days of the Divine
Like Nanolife, Days of the Divine is now on Android! Complete with full HD resolution and the other bonuses of the Nanolife release, it’s perfect to play on your phone and tablet and totally free /o/.

Below are some previews: <outdated>

For more information, click the button below to get to the Days of the Divine Android page. Note that like with the Nanolife update, we support any Android 2.2+ device.

Have fun!


3 thoughts on “Android news: Days of the Divine released, Nanolife updated

  1. Thank you very much for your VNs! They made me feel alive again! And even bigger thank you for bringing them to the Android!
    All the characters are nice and admirable! And your graphics are so cute! And storylines behind the cute pictures are brilliant! No, I mean it! Most Japanese VNs (those I found on android) are so tasteless compared to your little masterpieces!
    Thank you very much for all your hard work! Keep it up! I'll be cheering on you! ^_^

  2. Thanks for putting actual, high quality VN on Android! Just finished these 2 and love them! Is there a way to add skip read text? The 2 free ones aren't that long so it's not that bad, but it would really be useful

  3. I know this was asked like 3 years ago but to those wondering just press and hold to skip

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