We’ve got some releases for you~

We’ve got some releases for you~

What, an update!?

Why yes, we’ve been busy. In fact, we’ve been so busy we couldn’t even update this blog, for there wasn’t any time to write a post. To summarize: we’re insane workaholics and spent the last 1,5 month producing two free VNs for you. Let’s take a look!

Days of the Divine

 What it is

A fantasy otome made for NaNoRenO (make an entire visual novel in March). Click here to visit the Lemmasoft page.


Long ago, in a valley where a small village lay, two deities fought each other. One was imprisoned, the other vanished. Yet some time ago, an unnatural mist began lingering in the village, dissolving people’s memories.

Biyu, a young shrine maiden, is now working her hardest in the shrine of one of these deities in the faint hope the mist will one day dissolve. Even though her good friend also lost his memory, not all hope is lost; she meets a stranger who seems to be recovering from his memory loss, and rather quickly as well…


  • 3 routes/love interests
  • ~35.000 words
  • original artwork
  • 1920×1080 resolution (smaller ones also included)
  • unlockable extras
  • our blood, sweat and tears

Download (v1.2)

Windows version
Mac version
Cross-platform (windows, mac, linux) version (.zip)

Night at the Hospital

What it is

A comedy, thriller(?), boy’s love Visual novel made for the PPHS Jam in which Anna teamed up with seven other crazy devs to form Team Snugglebunny.


A spooky game about hunting ghosts, finding love, and cuddling.


  • 3 endings
  • ~5000 words
  • original artwork
  • 3 CGs (with variations)
  • unlockable extras
  • our love, insanity and crack combined!


Download it at the website please~

Now what?

Taking a break? Hah! Now me and Kiki go back to work on Locus Magici; we’ve learnt a lot of tricks we can use now, so we’re pretty excited to continue the work again!

We hope you’ll enjoy these games in the meantime!


2 thoughts on “We’ve got some releases for you~

  1. Hi! I'm a big fan of your VN, Days of Divine. Honestly, it's one of, if not, the most impressive VN I've played. Story, art, music, everything was cared for. I was wondering if it would be okay if I ask you guys for a download link for the soundtrack? I'm a music buff, and I just can't stop listening to it! Please?

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