One goal down, several to go! Updates!

One goal down, several to go! Updates!

We’re still alive somehow! We have the bad habit to work ourselves into the most impossible deadlines. At least we’ve always succeeded thus far, so that’s something?

Anyway, this post will nicely summarise what we did, what we are doing right now, and what we will do in the near future.

So first, in January we did two things:

  1. Finally opening a Work-In-Progress topic for Locus Magici on the Lemmasoft forums.
  2. Finishing the full-colour manga one-shot we talked about in this post.

1. WIP topic
This one mostly speaks for itself, but it means we’ve reached the point where we have enough content to open a WIP topic. If you haven’t taken a look yet, you might be in for a pleasant surprise; that topic contains a lot more up-to-date information and images about our newest visual novel!

2. Full-colour manga
This was our first goal and project for 2013, and we made it~ As we’ve mentioned before, it is a short story, but all of the pages are done in colour. Below you can see the cover and some preview pages.

It will be available at Tsunacon this Sunday, as we’ll be there. Drop by and say hi if you feel like it~ 

Plans until March
This month, our focus will be back on Locus Magici. I will be sketching as many sprites as I can, so Kiki can use them as place-holders for her scripting and storyboarding the fighting scenes. We’ll keep you updated~

And what will happen in March, you ask? Well.. think; which event starts in March…? 😉
I’ll give you a hint: last year it was Nanolife.

I wonder, I wonder, what will it be this time~?
*shot for being a tease*
Well, okay, we don’t have much to give you yet, but I’m afraid you’ll have to stay curious for a little while longer. For now, we have some work to do!


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