End of the year summary and future plans

End of the year summary and future plans

Happy New Year!

Did you all make any new years resolutions? We certainly did! Let’s first take a look at the most important events of 2012 and then we’ll discuss what you can expect in 2013~


Our most notable event of the year was the release of a free visual novel we made during NaNoRenO (the visual novel equivalent of NaNoWriMo). We barely slept and worked very hard that month, after which we finally managed to release Nanolife. We didn’t expect much, so the big positive response came as a pleasant surprise.

For the first time, we started releasing visual novels on Android this year! We were very happy with this, because what’s a better place to read a VN than wherever you want? I certainly rejoiced as I tested our games while relaxing on my bed :D!

The Lost Angel Arianna
Since this is one of our mangas, we didn’t release it internationally which meant it automatically had a smaller impact for our group. Still, this particular one-shot did rather well! It was our first manga ever to have over 100 pages and we put a lot of detail and effort into the pages. Furthermore, it won an award at the Dutch anime convention Animecon!


Locus Magici
That’s right, our current commercial visual novel in production will be released in 2013. Our estimate is that we’ll release it around summer. We will try many new things for this release when it comes to graphics, story and music and we’re very excited about it! If anything, Firefly and Nanolife taught us a lot about storytelling and how to enhance it with visuals and special effects.

The project page still needs to be updated with more recent art, but we’ll see to that sometime later this month.

NaNoRenO 2013 
Yes, we’ll be entering it once more this year! We’re actually already looking forward to it and have about three incredibly different ideas for it; now we just need to pick one. Just expect fantasy to sneak in there in one way or another.

First full-colour manga
We’ve found a way to print full-colour manga without being left too poor, so we’re going to abuse that too! Since this is a test, the story won’t be too long (only about 20 pages), but in return each page will be a work of art ;)!

This story is planned for Tsunacon 2013 in February, so we’ll have to work hard. Although I’m positive we can do this since we survived NaNoRenO 2012.

There it is, 2012 is over and the plans for 2013 have been laid out. Let’s make this a great year!


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