Locus Magici: Evolution of a textbox

Locus Magici: Evolution of a textbox

Hi all,

Despite Anna’s epic fight against illness and other stuff she had to do, we still found the time to do some work on Locus Magici. Right now, we’re busy with designing the graphical user interface. With the textbox done, let’s take a look how it got to completion.

Since we don’t have any art yet, we used some old art from Firefly, scaled up to fit the 1920×1080 requirements. In other words, the following images and fonts are not representative of the final product.

Version 1

We argue a bit back and forth about the general style of the textbox, the colours, the size, etcetera. Anna makes the first version, as can be seen above. Quite some changes need to be made at this stage: the gradient within the textbox is a bit too much and the shading makes the border of the textbox bleed into the background. Also, while making the quick menu at the bottom, we soon noticed the textbox would work better if we moved it further down.

Version 2

As you can see, the changes mentioned above have been applied. The placement of the namebox has been decided, and the quickmenu at the bottom is done as well. The buttons each show a different style which will be used: the leftmost button is the disabled version, the second one is the normal look, the third one is the look it will get if you hover over the button with your mouse, and the last one is how it will look like if you press the button.

Version 3

What is this? A namebox has been added! However, we have some new issues to deal with. The green is too saturated compared to the rest of the look, which makes it feel empty and forces us to put the name in the center. Also, the red diamonds don’t match well with the rest of the design. Time to fix!

Final version!

We now have the final version. All problems have been solved, and it looks a lot nicer than our first try. As the textbox will visible during most of the visual novel, it better be nice~

As an end note, we now have a Facebook page as well. Please follow this link and give us a like!


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