Locus Magici script done!

Locus Magici script done!

Delay, you say? Nonsense. The last blog-post just happened to be written by our ghost member, Mahal. Don’t pick on her, it’s hard for a transparent being to type! ;_;

So yeah, we’re done now! No more writing, no more editing, for real~!

The writing process
Aside from real life getting in the way, I think we underestimated editing a bit this time. Usually, we worked like this:

  1. Anna writes
  2. Kiki adds remarks and edits
  3. Anna applies edits/adjusts them if needed

Now, we did:

  1. Anna writes
  2. Anna writes 2nd draft
  3. Kiki checks for plot-holes
  4. Anna fixes and writes 3rd draft
  5. Kiki adds remarks and edits
  6. Anna applies edits/adjusts them if needed

That was painful, but worth it! We fixed a lot of mistakes in wording, plot-holes, spelling and improved a lot of scenes. I also added some scenes we needed, so the word-count definitely surpassed the sixty thousand by now.

The next steps
Since the script is done, our next steps in development shall be designing the graphical user interface (GUI), the sprites and do some basic coding. Kiki will take care of the last one and I’ll deal with the first two.

In fact, I upgraded my drawing style a bit (it needed more nose), so I already made new rough sketches and designs for all the characters. You can find two of the new ones below:


My sketch folder tells me I have about 22 people in there (duplicates such as maids/guards not counting) so I’ll have a lot to draw from now on. But first, it’s time to make a simple, clean and pretty GUI~

We’ll show you the results in the next post!


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