Locus Magici: Writing Achievement Unlocked!

Locus Magici: Writing Achievement Unlocked!

As promised, this post will focus on the progress we made on our new visual novel, Locus Magici. Or to be more specific; its script.

Days and nights were spent typing, planning and fixing the story. Our amazing plans were all written down in an incredibly professional way, using the most high-tech software available to doodle comments on the photo below. After all, as a small business, you have to stay cool.

Like a pro.

So yes, after an edit phase or three, we are almost done with the writing. Actually, the writing is done; the story is written and all the plot holes we could find have been fixed. Hell, we even wrote an unlockable extra story. The total word-count is going to be 60.000+, which is more than we expected.

All that’s left to do is the final editing phase in which we correct any spelling, wording and grammar mistakes that might have sneaked in. This means I edit them, then Kiki edits my edited writing, after which I check her edits.

This also means we’ve reached our first milestone! So check this page for the unlocked content~

Expect the editing to be done sometime next week, and after that… I’ll finally, finally, finally have time for art! I hope you’re looking forward to that as much as I am. See you!


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