Anniversary Discount!

Anniversary Discount!

Next week, we’ll tell you a bit more about the progress on Locus Magici, but for now we have something different to talk about.

You see… me and Kiki just returned from our vacation, but while we were relaxing there and working on Locus Magici, we realized that it’s our group’s five year anniversary already! Though we haven’t produced many digital projects yet, we’ve been self-publishing small comic one-shots since 2007. Look at our grand history of amateurism <outdated link to a page with all our manga lol>~

But I do~

We barely noticed since the group mainly consists out of us two, and we’ve been friends since… uh… since we were six years old or something?

Anyway, for the occasion, we decided to introduce a discount week! From this moment until the sixteenth, Firefly will be half the price for both the Android and PC version. They are now 2.50 and 5 Euro respectively.

In case you’re interested, you can find them on our <outdated link to discount page>.

*eats cake*


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