Locus Magici WIP page added (+ twitter)

Locus Magici WIP page added (+ twitter)

As promised, this post will (mainly) focus on our newest work in progress, Locus Magici! We have a few things to show and tell, so let’s get to it~

Character Sketches and Profiles

Alex’s ogling is totally in character.

You might have seen Lloyd, Lina and Sirus before (although we changed Lina’s hair colour to mesh better with the rest), but we added the other important characters as well now. Note that these are still sketches, since university is taking most of our time right now, and we’re still finalizing the script with 1000 words a day. Though in a week or two, we’ll really be able to put our all into this.

Since we’re slowly getting more and more information to show off, all of it will be summarized on the Locus Magici Work In Progress page. Right now, we’ve added the above sketches, the logo, and character profiles in it, so please check it out! Plus…

Unlockable Content
No, we’re not talking about DLC.

You might have seen the new tab at the top on our blog. Once we get to certain milestones with our progress (as indicated in the progress bars on our site), we’ll give you a sneak peak of our work. We’ll mention it when they’ll be unlocked, so stay tuned.

Another new addition can seen at the lower right of this blog. That’s right, we’re going to spam Tweets from now. You asked for it, you got it, so please follow us~

That’s all for today, but I hope you enjoyed the update!


3 thoughts on “Locus Magici WIP page added (+ twitter)

  1. Twitter…! >:0 There comes another reason to get a twitter.

    Anyways! Really love how the WIP page is looking, with the process bars and everything! 😀 And this Unlockable content…! SO excited for that, what a great idea! *__*

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