Nanolife promo video

Nanolife promo video

To be more specific, a Nanolife promo video with commentary done by us! Yes, really, it’s as horrible as it sounds.

So, why commentary? Well, we had some problems with recording ingame audio for a promotional video (like the one we made for Firefly), so we decided to fix the problem creatively.

Whether that was a good choice or not I still don’t know, but at the very least I got the privilege of hearing K-chan’s Kiki’s awesome Denglish. Being Dutch is fun during times like these :D~

That’s all for now, I’m afraid. See you next time!


4 thoughts on “Nanolife promo video

  1. That was entertaining. The Dutch accent totally brought back memories of watching dwarf fortress tutorials… Anyway, this was a pretty awesome game. I loved the stories! 🙂

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