Nanolife update

Nanolife update

Today let’s look at our progress for Nanolife – our NanoRenO project. As expected, we are perfectly on schedule and this post is totally not late because we were working our asses off to meet ridiculous deadlines.

Ahem, so yeah! Let’s take a look :D!

I’m currently doing the final final check of the final check after which K-chan will do the final final final check. In short, it basically means it’s 99% done.

Title screen

This is the title screen, I spent way too much time on it and you will like it dammit. You can see three silhouettes, which will appear as people once you complete their routes. Since we like to be captain obvious, we also tell you how many routes are completed in the lower left corner of the screen.

As you can also see, we added a “guide” feature in our visual novel. It will show you all those awesome short-cuts and features to read through Nanolife like a pro! Last but not least, our circle’s logo will be click-able and send you to our website because we can.

Graphical user interface (GUI)
Apart from the script, the GUI has the most progress so far. We’ve made a MMO-like interface which has:

  • A text box containing skills and items (which you can click for more information about them),
  • A minimap in the upper right corner,
  • A main character information window in the upper left corner which shows your class, name, level, HP, MP and EXP. They will behave and change according to what happens in the story.
  • A smaller information window for party members below yours,
  • A custom in-game menu,
  • And a crystal thingy which hovers over the character who’s currently speaking.

The only things still left are to draw the different maps for the minimap, the classes, skills and items icons. K-chan has most of it coded already too.

I would show you a screenshot, but the only one I have is with a background of K-chan’s amazing, jaw-droppingly, gorgeous art which would change the art world forever!… and which was drawn without a tablet in one minute. Oh well, it’s probably cooler to see it when it’s done anyway.

I sketched them and inked two of them and I have many, many left to do… and the deadline for that is Sunday. In other words, this weekend Anna is screwed.

We’re slightly behind schedule, but the toughest parts are done now. We’ll continue working hard to make this!


6 thoughts on “Nanolife update

  1. What the 2nd Anon said – the title screen looks so lovely. I knew the colours would turn out great! <3 Good luck with the deadlines and everything, really hope you two can finish Nanolife on time! I'm very much looking forward to it~ <33

  2. Of all the NanoRenO projects I've looked at, I am actually anticipating this one the most. However… I still also look forward to when you are making heap loads of cash for your work instead of all this voluntary stuff 😉 Though this will probably be good advertising which will lead to more sales of other things, right? Of course it will! 🙂

  3. It looks awesome and I can't wait to see how the game turns out! I wish your hand the best of luck over the coming weekend, it looks like it will really need it XD.

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