The final day

The final day

~Dawn of the final day – 24 hours remain ~


It is finished! o/

Who cares only I can understand what I wrote and that in fact, sometimes, not even I can understand it entirely – I made it!

Oh, and epilogues are obviously overrated. This story never had one, the results section was lying all along, it is still lying, maybe, perhaps, a little…

And the last two battles of doom are unnecessary as well; even villains need holidays! They’ll be back to kick Lloyd’s ass next week, surely.

As for last night/today, I fought and tortured my hands until an unmentionable hour in the morning, only to go to K-chan’s place after that, because we had some things to discuss. Then, while we were joyfully arguing over the plot, we discovered some ‘tiny’ plotholes. Though we fixed those… it spawned another chapter/interlude ;_;!

K-chan, you’re cheating! You cannot make your face fall on me, you caaaaaannooooot!

Someone hide me somewhere quick.

Results of today
About 11.500 words.
K-chan’s cheater chapter/interlude, end battles and the epilogue still have to be written.

Results of three days of doom
So in the past days I wrote about 21.500 words, while I did all kinds of little other stuff on the side. I wish I could have written more, but nature isn’t yet convinced that a day should contain 30 hours.

The next week I’ll be finishing the last bits of the script and editing what I wrote. Though it really is rather bare bones at some points now, I am not in the least bit unsatisfied with what I wrote.

So, after some final edits and additions here and there, the script is done :’)! I’m satisfied enough.


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