The first day

The first day

This morning, I realised my impending doom is near.

You see, though I have been working on the script of Locus Magici, because of colds and university deadlines I didn’t get too far. But this week, I finally had a little spare time from university. Like many times before, I half-jokingly told my partner, K-chan, that I would finish the script in the next three days. The problem is… she’s going to keep me to it this time.

K-chan: I’ll be checking it on Friday evening then :D!
Anna: Ahaha…ha…

All right, let’s see what I can do!
I am so doomed.

~72 hours remain~

Link had it waaaay easier!

I started with preparations, as for the coming days, I need the utmost concentration to reach my goal. So, I made sure I enabled my ‘see no typos’ vision, prepared 10 litres of Ice Tea (I live off that stuff, OK?) and quickly dealt with my university-obligations.

Furthermore, I had to make a tough decision: write on my laptop, which allows me to type much faster, yet I have to switch files to see my outline; or write on my desktop, which means I can see both outline and the chapter I’m writing at the same time, but I will type slower.

It was a difficult decision, so I decided… I just wouldn’t decide.

When in doubt, go with both!

The desktop shows my outline, while I type on my laptop. And yes, it’s pink and it has a :3 face.

Today’s results 

I wrote about 6000 words, so I still have three chapters, three interludes and the epilogue to go.

… I can do this! I’ll post my day-reports of the next two days as well, so wish me luck!

No Anna, stop deluding yourself, you are so screwed.


4 thoughts on “The first day

  1. Egads, K-chan looks scary as the Majora's Mask moon. As for the deadline: Benkyou benkyou benkyou!


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