Firefly second edition – out now!

Firefly second edition – out now!

It’s time to release Firefly second edition! 
Don’t worry, the price will stay the same and people who bought it before will get it for free.
  • People who bought Firefly online – we will e-mail you with the details soon!
  • If you bought Firefly at a convention, please mail us at pegasi(at) (replace (at) with @) and instructions will follow!

What changed?

  1. The engine has been completely rebuild to look and work much better on slower computers.
  2. The visual novel now runs on 60 frames per second.
  3. The text box now switches between a small text box at the bottom of the screen and a full screen text box. The full screen text box is only used when you have long monologues.This is done so you can focus better on the sprites and other artwork.
  4. A lot of bugs, like the small opening movie not being stable enough, were fixed.
We also fixed some wording and typos and since one of our background music files wasn’t that good, we did our best to improve it. It’s the first music in the video below, in case you’re interested.


One fateful night, the mischievous thief Esta sets out to rob yet another unsuspecting nobleman of his riches. However, the mansion she targets turns out to be completely abandoned except for the, in her words, whiny and incompetent Yoru. Nevertheless, to her annoyance, she ends up having to take this young man along on her adventures. But despite his appearance, he might be more involved in the town’s upsets than she realizes…

Promotional Video

Oh my god, a video!

It runs on Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux and Mac OSX. You will only need Java 6 or higher, which can be downloaded here. 

Where to get it

You can buy the full version or try the demo on the Firefly project page.

If you still encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail.
Me and K-chan hope you enjoy the update! Happy Holidays! 😀


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