Firefly second edition demo!

Firefly second edition demo!

Firefly was originally a kinetic visual novel made for a convention in the Netherlands (and later released online as well). However, as this was our first visual novel ever with a brand-new game engine, we encountered some problems here and there. Therefore, with the comments we’ve received as well as our updated game engine, we’ve decided to do a little re-release.

ImportantThis is more like a free update than a new release – those who bought the old version will be updated with the new one free of charge, while the price of the new version will not increase for new buyers. If you bought Firefly online before, we will send it to your e-mail address. Those who bought it on a convention will be notified later on with more information – we’ll think of a way to give you guys the update as well. 

Windows & Linux – For those who want to take a look, the second edition demo can be found here:

Mac – For those with a Mac, a specific version for you guys can be found here:


Changes in Firefly second edition (demo)
First and foremost, the dialogue window has been changed. In the first version, we used an old-school window that covered most of the screen when you played. After some feedback, we’ve decided to change it to a more common style, in which the textbox is down below the screen and uses a namebox to indicate who is talking. 

Hopefully it will be an improvement for those who found the former style to be inferior or hard to read. However, since long monologues work better in the old style, you will see it switch back now and then. We found this to be a nice compromise.

Furthermore, our engine has improved a lot. The small opening movie at the beginning is now completely stable, the visual novel runs on 60 fps, it looks and works a lot better on slow computers, all sorts of tiny little bugs got fixed, and tons of other things I’m probably forgetting right now :D.

And last but not least, we’ve also corrected a number of typo’s, fixed some small visual bugs and improved one of the background music files.
If you notice any more problems or bugs or whatevers with the demo, please tell us! You’ll have our gratitude and we’ll fix it right away.


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