First post go!

First post go!

Hi there!

We wanted to communicate more with the people who are interested in our work, and since it would be fun to share our projects’ developments with the world…
A blog was made~

My name is Anna and I’ll probably be the main blogger here, so nice to meet you! Of course, K-chan will post about her work progress as well now and then, so don’t worry about one-sided reports.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about various projects, since we work on multiple at the same time. However, we’ll be using labels (which are on the right here –> and below every post) and will only talk about one project in each post, so it’s easier to navigate through the posts which interest you :).

Our updates are scheduled to occur about twice every month. For easy reference, please use the RSS feeds on your right.

For now I’ll leave it at this, but expect more posts with actual content pretty soon!

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