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Rose of Glass
Released: Tsunacon 2013
Price: €4.95
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A short full-colour manga inspired by the Renaissance period.

When you are engaged to the man you love, life should be perfect. However, for the young noblewoman Christina it is anything but.

The Lost Angel Arianna
Released: Abunaicon 2011
Price: €7.95
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There are two things in life which the little angel Arianna prefers to avoid:

  1. flying
  2. humans

After all, flying isn't as easy as it looks and humans are beings you'd rather avoid... right? So when this angel accidently ends up on earth, she is in a lot of trouble. As she feared, she discovers three humans living in a mansion closeby. How will she return without being able to fly, and what happens when angel and human meet one another?

The Lost Angel Arianna cover image
Servant Showdown (F/SN fanbook) cover image
Servant Showdown (F/SN fanbook)
Released: Tsunacon 2011
Price: €4.50
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This is a Fate/Stay Night fanbook. Inside, you'll find short parody stories of a few pages each which feature most of the characters.
Released: Animecon 2009
Price: €6.95
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Today during my usual stroll through the forest, a sudden surprise befell upon me... quite literally. You see, a strange woman fell on top of me out of nowhere! Not just that, she did it in the nude.

When I asked her about it, she gave me a vague reply. However... I couldn't just leave her there! A woman shouldn't wander around like that! So I took her home... but what on earth am I to do with her?

Erin cover image
Divine cover image
Released: Chibicon 2008
Price: €6.95
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Laura is a normal girl whose parents are gone for work. Not only is she lonely due their absence, she is also the prank-target of the (childish) prince of hell, Seire.

However, as punishment for picking on the poor girl and annoying his mother once again, Seire now has to take care of Laura together with an angel who sees him as a 'walking danger'!

Will they take her out of harm's way, or will they be too busy fighting each other to even notice her?

Released: Abunaicon 2007
Price: €3.95
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Two villages are constricted in a war fighting on until the other will accept that their religion is inferior.

However, not everyone wants this war, especially not the people of the village that's in the middle of the two clashing groups!

But one day a mysterious boy appears in the third village. He learns from a girl what is going on and decides to help them out. Can he really succeed?

Includes an extra chibi story~
Cogitare cover image