Released: 10 July 2010
Firefly CD Cover


One fateful night, the mischievous thief Esta sets out to rob yet another unsuspecting nobleman of his riches. However, the mansion she targets turns out to be completely abandoned except for the, in her words, whiny and incompetent Yoru. Nevertheless, to her annoyance, she ends up having to take this young man along on her adventures. But despite his appearance, he might be more involved in the town's upsets than she realizes...


Firefly is a kinetic novel, which means there are no choices or multiple endings to unlock. In return though, the game should take about nine hours to finish. All art is done in 1280x720, and all backgrounds, sprites, CGs and music are custom-made. The game engine is also custom-made and includes features found in most other VNs and more.

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System requirements

  • You will need Java version 6 or higher, which can be downloaded here.
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