Bah... I am in NO way inferior to this so-called Demon King.
   —Innes at the final battle, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
We released a new VN - Days of the Divine~

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Like last year, we joined the NaNoRenO event, during which you have to make an entire visual novel in a month. While we made Nanolife last time, this year we made something slightly different: a fantasy otome named Days of the Divine. Are you a bad enough shrine maiden to stop the memory-erasing fog? Then click on the link for more information and prove it!

Also, Anna helped out making Night at the Hospital with a group of other developers for the PPHS Jam. Go check it out if you like some silly fun~

Lastly, we added Anna's Tumblr account in the top right of our website. Check it out if you like seeing previews of VN and other artwork.