This is silly! Buttons are not how one escapes dungeons! I would smash the button and rain down beatings liberally on the wizard for playing such a trick!
   —Minsc, Baldur's Gate 2
We won the Dutch Manga Award~

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It's already been a week since Animecon 2012, so it's time for an update. Though this year's convention was extra special; we won one of the Dutch Manga Awards! Our latest book, The Lost Angel Arianna, was the winner for the original story category!

Shiny Trophy

Doesn't that trophy look awesome? We also won a cheque of 250 euro, which will be invested into our future projects. Needless to say, we couldn't stop smiling the entire weekend~

Also, since Nanolife and a new commercial visual novel took away all of our spare time, we didn't have the chance to create something new for this convention. Well, aside from some nice bookmarks following our previous gamer set.

All right, maybe those weren't entirely finished either, but the set will be complete at the next con! Hoho~

Well, that's it, but hopefully we'll have a new fanbook for you at Tsunacon. Eh, but no promises - our health comes first (for once)!