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Firefly second edition - out now!

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Since we released Firefly, we got a lot of feedback! Some complaints were about various bugs while one more specific complaint was about the text box being full screen and thus covering everything up.

So we thought we'd do a little re-release! Don't worry, the price will stay the same and people who bought it before will get it for free.

Download the demo or buy Firefly second edition on the updated project page

  • People who bought Firefly online: we will e-mail you with the details soon.
  • If you bought Firefly on a convention, please mail us and instructions will follow.

So what changed?

  • The engine has been completely rebuild to look and work much better on slower computers.
  • The visual novel now runs on 60 frames per second.
  • The text box now switches between a small text box at the bottom of the screen and a full screen text box. The full screen text box is only used when you have long monologues.
  • A lot of typos and (small) bugs we fixed, like the opening movie not being stable when you tried to open the menu at the same time.

Me and K-chan hope you enjoy the update! Happy Holidays! :D

Dev blog & site update

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Hello there!

Now and then you have a feeling something's changed, but you can't quite put your finger on it... or can you :D?

For starters, suddenly this strange 'dev blog' tab appeared on our site, didn't it? Why don't you click on it? Come on, you know you want you~ It's a blog about the development of our visual novels and books. You can't possibly miss our intriguing behind the scenes secrets! And if that isn't enough to win you over; K-chan will write elaborate posts too! Amazing, I know.

Secondly, the projects page now contains two categories, namely 'Firefly' and 'Books'. Firefly was drowning in all the books we made, so it got its own personal page. Once we create more visual novels, the 'Firefly' banner will change into a 'Visual Novels' banner for more general use.

On the topic of visual novels, our newest one will be featured on the left side of our site. Click on it to go to its project page.

And finally, we moved the Fate/Stay Away game to our 'extra' tab, together with the short story we wrote in winter. If more random freebie stuff will appear in the future, that's where it'll go.

Until next time! /o/

New book for Abunaicon 2011

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This weekend we'll be visiting the Dutch convention Abunai! 2011. We've worked hard and have been able to finish our newest doujin. The Lost Angel Arianna is our biggest oneshot yet and it's filled with angels, magic and all of the other stuff you'd expect from us. Read more about it on the projects page.

Aside from that we'll once more have our gamer bookmarks there for you (see last post), as well as some nice mystery keychains for everyone who has a bit of spare change left.

We hope to see you there!

Animecon Report

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It hasn't been long since we released our Fate/Stay Night fanbook, but it's already sold out. Last weekend we were at the Dutch anime convention Animecon 2011 and we did quite well. Thanks for everyone who dropped by our stand last weekend. It was a lot of fun talking to y'all! *tips cowboy hat*

Sadly no new book was released, but we did produce some nice bookmarks... which also happened to sell out. Though do not fear, our reprints are here! They'll be available at the anime convention Abunai 2011 in August, along with some new ones~

On the topic of Abunai 2011, our new book will be available there as well! More details will follow later, but for now we'll tell you the book will be an original fantasy story (with angels :D). We'll do our best, please look forward to it!

Fate/Stay Night fanbook at Tsunacon!

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Anna was almost taking over our news page, so now it's my turn to shine~

As some of you might know, the Dutch anime convention Tsunacon 2011 is on the 30th of January. Aside from being a fun convention to visit, it also serves as the perfect opportunity to release our first... fanbook!

For our first fanbook we've chosen the series Fate/Stay Night. So, if you're a fan of the series, please visit our projects page for more information.

Even if you're not interested in the fanbook, you can always drop by for a chat, so we hope to see you at Tsunacon~