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Firefly now available internationally

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What's this? Two news posts in the same month!? Why, yes! Christmas deserves an update as well.

And good news it is. Up until now, our Visual Novel Firefly was only sold at conventions in the Netherlands. Since the game is in english, and quite a lot of work was put into it, we will now offer it to an international audience as well.

Go to the Firefly project page

A little gift from Pegasi

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Yesterday was a Dutch Holiday and today it's the same case for Belgium. On this Holiday, called Sinterklaas, children get presents on the evening of December fifth (or sixth for kids in Belgium).

So, we want to give you a gift as well today! Take a look at our new Extra tab and there you'll find it~ It's a little alternative universe story, where people don't celebrate Sinterklaas... or do they?

We hope you'll enjoy it, happy Holidays!

We're still alive: Firefly released!

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Why, hello there!

It's been a while, but we're back in action! The past year we've been working our butts off to produce a visual novel, namely Firefly! This project has made its debut at Chibicon 2010. It was a huge succes and we've already sold more than half of our stock~

The first upcoming opportunity you'll have to obtain Firefly is at Tsunacon 2011 (awww...). However, if you want to be absolutely sure that you'll get a copy (of course you do!), you can send us an e-mail at pegasi@weeaboo.nl and we'll save one for you! Don't forget to mention at which convention you're going to pick it up.

For more information about Firefly, visit our projects page. (what's a visual novel?). And last but not least, you can also get a preview of what you can expect by playing the demo! [download]
You need Java 6 or newer to run it, a free download can be found here.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who dropped by our stand at Chibicon! As for now, we'll continue working hard on our next project!

Awesome game is awesome

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Look at our menu... do you see something strange? That's right! It now has a games tab as well!

We've been working on a Fate/Stay Night minigame this past week. It's a little game where you need to protect Shirou, who is (as always) oblivious to the dangers ahead of him. Be sure not to let any enemy pass, or you'll be a goner~

Thanks for your time and we hope you'll have fun with it!

First Post

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Hello and welcome!

You've just stumbled upon Circle Pegasi's lair. What does this mean, you ask?

It means you've come across one of the Dutch doujinshi circles that puts their all into creating manga, visual novels and much more!

Our main focus lies on fantasy stories, but we're not afraid to give other genres a try as well. The stories we create are mostly one-shots. That means we won't produce any ongoing series, but keep everything in one release.

Besides that, this page is where we'll announce new projects, conventions we'll be visiting and other fun news, so keep it in mind!

Please have a look around, and if you have any questions don't be afraid to send us an e-mail.