Sempai, stop growing mushrooms in other people's storage rooms!
   —Haruhi, Ouran High School Host Club
We released a new VN - Days of the Divine~

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Like last year, we joined the NaNoRenO event, during which you have to make an entire visual novel in a month. While we made Nanolife last time, this year we made something slightly different: a fantasy otome named Days of the Divine. Are you a bad enough shrine maiden to stop the memory-erasing fog? Then click on the link for more information and prove it!

Also, Anna helped out making Night at the Hospital with a group of other developers for the PPHS Jam. Go check it out if you like some silly fun~

Lastly, we added Anna's Tumblr account in the top right of our website. Check it out if you like seeing previews of VN and other artwork.

Tsunacon 2013 report - Our first full-colour release!

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Part of me thinks this should have been posted before Tsunacon 2013, but that part is awfully forgetful :(...

As you might have heard, we released a shiny new full-colour book at Tsunacon 2013! It's called Rose of Glass and filled with your daily dose of pretty men, pretty women, drama and shoujo-vibes! Healthy for the heart and soul~

The convention itself was pretty nice, although we couldn't see much of it. It was fun to see everyone again, and hopefully everyone who attended the colouring pencils workshop found it to be useful.

Thank you for the wonderful time~

Our five year anniversary!

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It's already our five year anniversary!

To think our first project was released at Abunaicon 2007... time sure flies!

From 2007 to 2009 we released three books, one each year. We took a short break in 2010 to release our first visual novel, but made up for it in 2011 by releasing two books that year. Finally, 2012 is marked by our free visual novel Nanolife. If we're lucky, Locus Magici will be released this year as well, but if not, we'll have a great 2013!

Looking at our grand history of amateurism, I can say I'm pretty satisfied. So, happy birthday to our little pegasus! May many years of fun follow~

We won the Dutch Manga Award~

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It's already been a week since Animecon 2012, so it's time for an update. Though this year's convention was extra special; we won one of the Dutch Manga Awards! Our latest book, The Lost Angel Arianna, was the winner for the original story category!

Shiny Trophy

Doesn't that trophy look awesome? We also won a cheque of 250 euro, which will be invested into our future projects. Needless to say, we couldn't stop smiling the entire weekend~

Also, since Nanolife and a new commercial visual novel took away all of our spare time, we didn't have the chance to create something new for this convention. Well, aside from some nice bookmarks following our previous gamer set.

All right, maybe those weren't entirely finished either, but the set will be complete at the next con! Hoho~

Well, that's it, but hopefully we'll have a new fanbook for you at Tsunacon. Eh, but no promises - our health comes first (for once)!

Nanolife and cool fanart - site update time!

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It's time to update this baby~

Those who follow our blog know what I'm going on about; we joined the NaNoRenO event - the NaNoWriMo equivalent for visual novels - where creators develop their own project in just one month. From it resulted Nanolife, a cute little visual novel where you get to play an AI lost in a MMORPG. We've added it under projects, please check it out.

Also, we modified the site a little.

The "Gallery" tab transformed into an "Art" tab and will now cover two categories. The first is 'Gallery', which was already in existance and showcases some of our art. The second one is 'Gifts', because we received totally awesome fanart of our works, and they deserve to be shown to the world :'). Please check it out~

Also, a WIP page for our new visual novel will be added to the site when I finish the character designs of the important characters. We plan to do this with all new visual novels from now on, so people won't have to spit through our devblog for information about them.

And that's it for now! Though we'll be going to Animecon 2012 soon, so please say hi if you spot us~